You may have seen the commercials online or on TELEVISION: Bing has been waging an advertising battle on Google, asserting that blind users favor Bing’s results over Google’s by a 2-to-1 margin.

However has Microsoft’s internet search engine truly progressed sufficient to position a trustworthy danger to Google? While you can check the contrast on your own at, I’ve recognized toughness and weaknesses for both. Either engine may have an edge depending on your personal choices.

From social assimilation to speed to quality, below’s a consider how they accumulate:

Google advantage: Supplies more appropriate info.
While Bing’s current adjustments make it a much more practical search alternative, it’s still doing not have in regards to outcome top quality in reaction to useful questions.

In this situation, I evaluated the expression, “revenue tax rates.” While the Google online search engine results page (SERP) showed info on both 2012 and 2013 tax prices in the initial 5 listings, the only dated information discovered in Bing’s outcomes was a single listing mentioning 2011 tax rates.

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Bing advantage: Social combinations are more powerful.
Bing’s outcomes win in regards to the smoothness of its social integrations. The company’s agreements with both Facebook and Twitter provide it access to more social data compared to Google, which should count on the lesser-used Google+ network. The method it incorporates social referrals right into its SERPs is additionally a lot less messy than Google’s results.

Google advantage: Immediate search saves time.
Google as well as Bing both offer immediate search features– which present potential search inquiries as you’re keying right into the search box– Google’s instant search often tends to offer more appropriate results, more promptly.

To determine this, I began entering the example inquiry, “newest Packers rack up” into both engines. Google gave this as a possible question result after just “newest Load,” while Bing needed the full “newest Packers s” to show up the same result.

Bing benefit: Results web pages are extra appealing.
Bing’s search results pages have a particular visual appeal. And it appears that there are plenty of individuals that concur.

In numerous ways, Bing’s results appear like Google’s made use of to, prior to Google jumbled its listings with “+1” buttons, social comments and also various other pointless functions.

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Google benefit: Linked items provide even more history info.
If you make use of any one of Google’s other items– such as Google Reader or Google+– the search giant currently has a wide range of information offered to comprehend you as well as tailor its result in the listings that are probably to be of worth to you. While Bing offers similar items– such as Bing Reader– they typically aren’t nearly as commonly embraced as Google’s offerings, meaning that Bing’s inner integrations aren’t most likely to influence the business’s SERP results for lots of customers.

In this instance, because I’m subscribed to SEO and social surveillance service SEOMoz in my Google Visitor account, I was most likely to see articles from SEOMoz contributing writers appear in my Google question results than in Bing’s listings. To me, this adds value by raising the possibility that results will certainly appear from writers I understand and depend on.

Profits: Everybody’s search engine usage boils down to individual preference. For me, I’m sticking to Google till Bing has the ability to assert a much higher benefit over the internet’s largest, most preferred internet search engine.